Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wrist Computer


Wow! A computer bracelet! It's hard to believe how far technology has gone is the past few years. Remember the early days? With those clunky CRT monitors and ugly white computers with system specs that would be considered tiny today? Now we've gone so far as to have a mini computer with a flexible touch screen on our wrists. The product is scheduled to be released in 2020, and do you think you would buy it?


  1. Cool, sounds like James Bond type stuff

  2. One day I'll have one of these!

  3. hell yeah i9 would buy one! i would buy two one for each wrist

  4. Im sure we could get all ghetto and wear a CRT around our necks on whopping chain! if you wanted to feel retro.

    Pfft i would

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  5. wtf. i remember watching a ted video where they had a projection and sensors built into this little device so that you could make literally anything into a computer. you could project a screen onto a random wall and then the sensors would detect where your hand was and act accordingly like you were pressing a button or typing. crazy shit indeed.

    i'm following by the way. get back at me

  6. Yeah conceptually this is cool, but let's consider the now typical mobile device fallback of overheating. Is this cool gadget worth a permanent rash/burn...

    The answer is YES!
    ~Raging Royal